Engineering Draftsman

Mechanical Engineering

Dynamic, very successful company, seeks a qualified draftsman with good exposure to engineering aspects or a mechanical engineering qualification (degree or national diploma) in order to fulfill an engineering drafting position.  Be prepared to work on site (and not be scared of heights!), be involved in projects and enjoy being part of a great team.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Drafting, rigging studies, crane studies.
  • Design work, rigging frames, beams, lugs, ect.
  • Stress / strength calculations to check rigging beams, lugs ect.
  • Weight calculations of structures, machines
  • COG calculations along with sling detail.
  • Take pdf and create 3D model of job.
  • Measure up site and create 3D model of job.
  • Person needs to be willing to take instruction from non-engineering staff.
  • Person needs to be willing to work overtime, early and late, when required.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Mechancial Engineering qualification required

Min 3 years draftng experience within an engineering environment essential (2d and 3d)

  • Microstation experience woudl be an advantage
  •  3d modelling.


Needs to be a hands on person not scared to spend time on site, not scared of heights

Be prepared to travel from time to time

Drivers licence ESSENTIAL

Package & Remuneration